Mysterious Philosophy 2 : "You're wrong."

2016-11-04 19:28:56 by MysteriousPresence

Mysterious Philosophy 2

You're wrong.

About everything.

Each time we affirm something, we think we just said something true. If I say : "my friend is little", it is maybe true to me, but my friend is gigantic in the opinion of an ant. It's all a matter of what limits do we put on the words we pronounced. If to me, being tall is being taller than 6' 1", maybe to someone else it will be being taller than 4' 1".

Furthermore, no one has exactly the same truth than someone else. Let's say two of my friends like pastas. They both say "whoa fuck those pastas were good". Let's materialize my friends' tastes into two marbles. If I use a camera to zoom on those marbles, even if they look the same, there always will be one point of the zoom where I'll see a tiny difference between the marbles. If I keep zooming, this difference will grow huge. Concretely, my friends both like pastas, but there is one of them who likes it just a little more than the other. Depending on where you fixed the limit of "to like something", this difference may be tiny or gigantic.

That's why you're wrong about everything : you're the only one on this earth to have this opinion of yours, and it would be absurd to say you don't have the good opinions, wouldn't it ? As if there was a good and a bad opinion. But because of that, your truth is shared by no one else, because they all have a different truth, their own truth. This is why everything is subjective.


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2016-11-06 07:47:50

I'm speechless

MysteriousPresence responds:

Oh you ! <3


2016-11-07 18:49:12

truth is always relative. you can only be contextually right or wrong.

MysteriousPresence responds:

Well, to me, whether you're always right, or you're always wrong, or you're never right nor wrong ! The thing is our truth doesn't extend the humanity itself. We create our own truth, but we can't manipulate the real truth, because we're too insignificant to actually know anything about it ! :3


2017-06-20 05:51:32

if everyone knows that everyone has their own version of truth, then everyone knows that everyone else has a truth. if (everyone knows that everyone else has a truth) is a known truth by everyone, then that would make it an objective truth.
- or I can ask a simple question-> True or False: "There is an unknown truth"

MysteriousPresence responds:

Woops sorry for the late response, I was in exams :3
Well your (very relevant) paradox makes me think about Descarte's "the only thing I can't doubt about is the fact I doubt".
My opinion about this would be that the very concept of truth, as the concept of doubt, is subjective. So it couldn't be possible that everyone knows that everyone else has his own truth because their definition of "truth" is different. They wouldn't think exactly the same thing.
Besides, my theory is subjective too. I don't think it can be possible that one day, everyone "knows" that everyone else has a truth.